Saturday, March 28, 2009

1st day in Taipei

Arrived Taipei around 8.30pm then driver sent us to Rich Garden hotel. The Hotel location is very convenient, looks like lots of things to be explored at Xi Men Tin..went for a walk around the city area..tried Ah Chong Ming Xin, bought 2 pairs of earings..and we forgot to bring umbrella..its on the way walk back to hotel i have to cover my hair with the jacket. Tomorrow will follow our team captain's plan..will update more again. Almost 12am, i am at the hotel internet room update this post..will be back to my room and rest.

Monday, March 16, 2009



有一点像 韩国煎餅, 也有一点像 OKONOMIYAKI.......



这是我星期天的口福 :-)
LC 发明的 淮山鸡汤 ! 又间单又快......
INGREDIENTS............ 加鸡, 玉竹, 淮山, 水.........
煮越长时间越好........ NO MSG NEEDED !


Monday, March 9, 2009

Korean Pancake

next week i am going to organic shop to buy Unbleached Flour..then we will try a new recipe..Korean Pancake..ingredients we are going to add prawns, spring onion, shredded carrot, chinese parsley, to make our cooking as healthy as possible, so we will use Grape Seed Oil, panfry yummy, cant wait to try..


今天可以喝到一个很好喝的汤. 本是一个试一试的一道烫, 意外的发现一道很好喝又有益的家庭温暖烫!

烫后又有 CORN.......

好吃! 肚子饱了.......


New Soup Recipe i have tried today

Fresh Huai Shan (Chinese Yam) + Yok Chuk + Whole Chicken Bone + Water

Cook at slow fire for at least 2.5hours..a very soothing & energizing soup is ready to be served.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


很好吃..我的大厨师煮的pasta, 是五星级餐厅也比不上的美味.


黄色的那棵枯了..我以为, 又要种过..但是, 它竟留下了种子, 看那一丁点的小小叶子..我不尽要感叹,生命多奇妙..所以呀, 不要轻言放弃.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

凝结生命中的每一刻感动, 他的声音, 穿越海洋, 温暖了无数颗心房.


间单的一段对白, 却让人回味

昨天,在 Taman Desa 的一间咖啡店:

你: 好不好吃啊?
我: 好吃
你: 还要不要来啊?
我: 要


你: 清迈好不好玩啊?
我: 好玩
你: 下次还要不要来啊?
我: 要

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

风水- and Colours

Blends all the colours of light and represents truth, harmony, purity and the way to higher spiritual knowledge.

Associated with mystery and the unknown. When used carefully it can be considered powerful and dramatic but in excess it soaks up energy and vitality.

Denotes vitality and energy and is associated with joy, strength, love and motivation.

Offers a sense of spiritual completeness and contentment and promotes healing.

A happy colour that inspires hope, confidence and enthusiasm. It also stimulates creativity and nurtures ambition.

A mood-lifter, stimulating joy, optimism and a sense of well-being.

An abundance of nature and is both restful and energising.

Generates harmony, hope, calm and stimulates creativity, communication and spiritual understanding.

Associated with intuition, dignity and wisdom. Purple is also considered very soothing and calming and can create the perfect atmosphere for meditation.

Just something i have read somewhere.......

Monday, March 2, 2009

海角七號 (Cape no.7 OST) - 情書 (Love Letters)


范逸臣 - 國境之南

范逸臣 - 無樂不作


we decided to take a break from the painting and go for food.

Ah Koong's, fish ball, fish cakes, and just fish everything...
thats the problem, the just have that.....

thats why, i go for the curry mee.

But none the less, LC seems to enjoy it.......

Maybe its not much of the food, but the company....ME !
:-) i enjoy her company too...

Yesterday and Today

This is what the room looks like Yesterday.....

This is what the wall looks like today !! yeah......completed, atleast one.

3 more to go, and we have completed 2 rooms. !!.....till this weekend.


Well. last night we figured out how to set the computer to type 华语!

interesting........ will try and you it often.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This is 1st October !

well......this is what i mean by 1st October.


Tired..but finally something get moved

Today..a very tiring day, yet, i am glad, those have been listed in my "to-do-list", since long time ago, finally get some start.

Today also have some change to my life when at home, because my home internet cant be used about 5 months ago, and now maybe i am too excited after many months internetless, i am sleepy but still want go online.


Today we have decided to write our first blog together.

and many might ask why the title....... 1st october ?

Well, this is an important day in our lifes, and meaningfull.
For us to remember and for you people to find out !

It will be revealed to all one day.