Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well......guess eveyrone has been to TGIF.

we are not a big fan of it, but on last weekend, we checked out IOI's new wing and happened to think.......well, give it a try.

and here, LC is munching on a piece of chicken.

"an appitizer".....but more like a main meal,

cause of the meat ! meat ! and meat !

a bit dry and too big of a portion.

As for this "entree"......

again. very big portion.

and the dish is called ...... chicken, cheese hot plate or something like that.

the cheese was ok, while hot.

once cooled down, was just too much to handle.

and dry.........

guess, some people might like this tyoe of food.

but, if going there, make sure you do not order too much, as the portions are BIG !

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