Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Finall on saturday, was watching this movie before
going out for dinner.
well.....its definately an 18+ movie.
a lot of laughs, and Jack Neo did it again.

a true depiction of the normal family man's life.
I liked it.

and again....for dinner....LC was craving for
so i told her that theres a place in kepong .
i think i was there a few years back.
they sell crabs, with 101 different ways
to choose from.
so, LC was very excited.
but.......as we drove all the way there,
we couldn't find the place.
or maybe i just forgotten the way.......
anyhow, we ended up going back to KING CRAB 蟹皇
and order the same 奶油蟹
but this time we had fried udong as well.
its nice, not too peppery, not too salty, just nice
not like some others that we have tried.

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