Monday, July 6, 2009

Penang Hill

Woke up to beautifull weather on sunday morning.
This is a view from the 13th floor of The Royal Penang.
So off we went, checked out and to Penang Hill.

Once we reached there, we found the place packed !.
queued up for tickets, around 11.30am, and the next available time was

so we decided to wait for it, since we are there.
but it was a slow and yet packed like sardines 30 minutes ride up the hill.
and someone even farted ! half way up the hill......

Once up there, it was nice and cool.
we sat down for a nice lunch and relax a bit.

But the ride down was even more agonizing.....
waited in a queue for about 1 hour.
and again packed like sardines......
down the hill....

thank god this time no one farted in the train !
So, guess it will be for quite a while till the next trip up
Penang Hill.

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